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Announcement Envelopes – Product Spotlight

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Announcement Envelopes – Product Spotlight

Studies have shown that a return to using printed correspondence plays an important part in documenting special events in our lives.  People want to see it, feel it in their hands as opposed to just receiving an email.  You want that excitement to start with the envelope you have selected.  Announcement envelopes are unique in style and size; which attracts attention amongst the general mail that is received.    You will want the invitation you designed to be inserted into an envelope that will compliment your creative imagination.

Unique Design

The announcement styled envelopes are converted from text weight paper which makes the envelopes more durable than the 24# bond version of other styled envelopes.  The A-Style series of envelopes are easily distinguished by their double side seam construction and the flaps are large and squared.  The Baronial style envelopes have diagonal seams, with triangular shaped flaps; commonly used for formal gatherings.

More Than Just Announcement Envelopes

Holiday Cards - SilverThese envelopes can be used in many applications including:  photographs, bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, birth announcements, gift certificates, greeting cards, personal correspondence, stationery, graduation invitations; or any special occasion you are planning.  DefyPaper stocks an assortment of styles, sizes, finishes, and color variations from several of the leading manufacturers in the paper industry.

 It’s All About Presentation

When it comes to invitations and announcements, it’s all about presentation.  The color, size, finish and style of envelope plays a great part in that presentation, don’t let it be an afterthought. Colors can be selected to match the occasion:  birthday party or retirement invitations: select the honoree’s favorite color / graduation invitations: school colors; etc.  The metallic finished envelopes will add some pazazz to the occasion.  You can also purchase the matching paper for the invitations through DefyPaper so you can begin printing your magnificent invitations and envelopes at home or office!

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