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Binder Tabs – Product Spotlight

HomePaper IdeasBinder Tabs – Product Spotlight

Binder Tabs – Product Spotlight

Keeping things organized in our hectic lives can be intimidating at times.  DefyPaper can make this task a lot easier. Keep your important documents organized and readily available in a binder; using tabs to separate sections. WOW, simple and efficient!


Tabs are an excellent solution for many binder ideas, including:  Employee Handbooks, training procedures, and home uses to name a few.  DefyPaper stocks several weights and sizes, both in holed and un-holed versions for your convenience.

Save Those Recipes

Love cooking and baking; but oh my, opening that “recipe drawer” and seeing the mess, takes all the fun out of it!  Trying to find the recipe; of that favorite dish gramma used to make, in an un-organized drawer is frustrating. Why not keep them in a binder, use a tab as a table of contents, separating the delectable recipe selections? Keeping your recipes organized takes out the frustration, and you can get back to doing what you love, cooking and baking for your family. DefyPaper puts the fun back into cooking!

Mylar Reinforced

Frequently used pages in binders sometimes need a little reinforcement around the holes.  Documents that are taken out and replaced often can make the hole tear open, making the document loose in the binder.  Holmberg Side-Mylar Reinforced have a strong, secure reinforcement along the binding edge.  This keeps documents from ripping from the binder, falling out and getting lost.  DefyPaper stocks two sizes: 8.5 x 11 and 11×17; 20# and 24# weights.  The tabs lay flat in your copier/printer tray and run as easily as copy paper.

Print Your Own

Organization can play a huge role in keeping your business efficient.  Looking for an important document is almost impossible if they are not organized.  Having documents in order and immediately available also plays a key role when dealing with discrepancies.  Have your crucial documents arranged; systematically in a binder, with printable tabs.  You can purchase printable tabs through DefyPaper, to separate the sections.  You can use them as a table of contents for each section, very convenient.  DefyPaper stocks uncollated, reverse collated and straight collated tabs for your convenience:


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