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Domtar Lettermark Pastel Colors

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Domtar Lettermark pastel colors

Domtar Lettermark Pastel Colors

Domtar Lettermark pastel colorsDomtar Lettermark pastel colors will bring excitement to your office’s daily routine. The paper can be used in many home, office, and school applications.  With a palette of soft colors to choose from, your project is sure to be eye-candy.

ColorLock Technology

Lettermark is manufactured with Domtar’s ColorLok Technology which delivers vivid colors, bolder blacks, faster drying time, and overall elevated print quality; compared to other papers in its class. This technology keeps the ink on the surface of the paper. It’s the prime solution for documents that require crisp text.

Memorable Domtar Lettermark Pastel Colors

The pastel colors add a sense of sophistication, and colored paper is more memorable than plain white paper. Excellent for use as office documents such as internal presentations, memos, newsletters, and reports, will stand out from other documents you may have in your office setting.  Great to use as colored copy paper too! Works exceptionally well for high volume applications.

High Quality

Domtar Lettermark pastel colorsLettermark’s high quality standards will please you, no worries during printing! Lettermark has been developed to run amazingly well on laser, inkjet printers, and copiers within the manufacturer’s specifications.  The Domtar Lettermark line features a vast collection of options for your printing requirements, your project will be eye-pleasing and desired! This popular paper has a brightness factor of 92, outstanding in its class of papers! 

Packed in 500 sheets per ream, very convenient especially if you have a small storage space. This lightweight paper provides easy handling.  Domtar Lettermark is manufactured in United States and Canada. You can’t go wrong when choosing paper and envelopes from the Domtar Lettermark line.  When you are ready to make a lasting impression, order Lettermark papers with matching envelopes, just follow DefyPaper’s website:

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