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Letterhead Paper – Product Spotlight

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Letterhead Paper – Product Spotlight

LetterheadThere is a wide variety of options for letterhead paper.   Factors to consider are paper type and weight, finish and of course color.  Watermarks are also a feature to consider.

Letterhead Paper Types and weights

Letterhead is usually printed on one of two types of paper: bond or text.  While they use different manufacturing techniques, you will use them the same way.

For bond paper, the most popular weight is 24# and is always uncoated.

Bond paper is stronger and more durable than the typical sheet of paper. It is  mostly made up of rag pulp which makes it a great choice for letterhead.

Text paper is the tried and true paper that most people use on a regular basis.  It can have different finishes to vary the look and feel.  For letterhead, test paper usually does not have a gloss.  For text paper, the most popular basis weight is 60#.

Letterhead Paper Finish

Paper used for letterhead, usually does not have a gloss. Finishes with more gloss can be difficult to write on but are beautiful for printed pieces.

For a more traditional look, consider a linen option.

Letterhead Paper Color

Paper for letterhead comes in many colors but the most popular are white, ivory and natural.  To stand out, you can also choose options including grey, rose or light blue.  For more traditional correspondence, stick to the basic colors.

Watermark Paper

Watermarked paper gives a feel of luxury and high quality. This is created by  an impression being pressed into the paper as it is produced. This type of paper is also used as a security feature for important documents.

Some of our favorite paper lines for this type of business correspondence are are:

Not sure what to choose?  We have have created a selection of our most popular options.  View the selection >

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