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Lynx Opaque Ultra Paper – Product Spotlight

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Lynx Opaque Ultra Paper

Lynx Opaque Ultra Paper – Product Spotlight

Domtar Lynx Opaque Ultra PaperDomtar Lynx Opaque Ultra Paper is an economical option, with remarkable quality!  The Lynx line of papers proves you don’t have to give up creativity or performance, you can have it all!  Trusted by creative people and commercial printers for many years to deliver performance, consistent quality, and remarkable printability time after time. Domtar Lynx is specifically designed for high performance out-put on the most popular digital and production inkjet printers.  The print resolution is awesome, the smooth surface assures the ink will lay consistent through-out the page.

Acid Free for Durability

Lynx is very versatile, manufactured acid free for archival purposes and can be utilized in various applications such as:  brochures, financial documents, direct mail, books, catalogs, posters, promotional materials, and business cards.

Brighter Whites

The enhanced opacity of Lynx is at an astounding 93 or higher, depending on the paper weight. Images just pop right off the page without any ink run-through. The true-white shade combined with the opaqueness, and brightness factor of 96, produces true-to-life skin tones and vivid colors The combination makes the colors pop right off the page; images will appear crisp, making your design exciting and fresh.  Unlike most digital sheets, the print quality is amazingly close to offset type paper.

Environmentally Friendly

Domtar Lynx Opaque Ultra Paper is manufactured in the USA and Canada. This Domtar line is FSC certified by NEPCon; a partner of the Rainforest Alliance and is a member of SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative).  Domtar and DefyPaper are very committed to forest sustainability. When purchasing Lynx through DefyPaper, you are making the right call for your message, and your brand.  Corresponding envelopes are available to match your design requirements.  Just select the paper & matching envelopes @ DefyPaper, then get ready to create your masterpiece!

About DEFYPaper

DEFYPaper is proud to offer a large selection of paper products to meet all of your printing needs.  DEFYPaper makes high-quality printing projects fast and simple. Do you have any questions?  Or perhaps you need help selecting the perfect product for your business or organization.  Maybe you would just like a sample of Neenah Environment.  For this and more, contact one of our DEFYPaper experts.  Call 1-800-486-3435 or email Info@defypaper.comVisit us at