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Metallic Papers

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Metalic Papers

Metallic Papers

All designers love the admiration their creative printing projects provide.  Glimmering and shimmering metalic papers do just that!

Metalic Finish

The metallic finish is created by adding MICA to the paper during manufacturing.  MICA is a natural stone mineral that contains small, shiny flakes. It is then ground down to form MICA powder – a shimmer pigment that looks like a very fine glitter and is available in a vast selection of colors.

 The metallic or pearlescent surface has been designed for a wide variety of printing equipment, such as:  Inkjet, offset, laser, and toner digital presses.

Uses for Metallic Papers

Excellent choice for promotional materials, posters, flyers, brochures, invitations, announcements, and greeting cards. Just use your creative imagination and add some spice to your designs.

An engaging addition to any gathering or occasion is a glistening invitation or announcement!  The pearlescent color you chose will add originality to your masterpiece. Don’t forget matching envelopes to add just the right touch to your mailings.

Greeting cards are an excellent way to cherish birthdays, graduations, holidays, and many other milestones in our lives.  The assortment of colors will amaze you; and the metallic sheen will add excitement and enthusiasm to the occasion.  Create your own card, the recipient will cherish the extra thought and time you put into your design.

Metalic PapersIt’s time to get your brand conveyed to the public.  What better way to stand out, than to print your company’s logo and contact information on a shimmering business card?  The more remarkable and memorable, the greater response you will receive.  The old bland white business card will just get shuffled and mixed in with the other business cards handed out.  Make yours shine and sparkle, stand out above all the others and get your business noticed!

CTI Aspire Petallics Metalic Papers are so versatile they can be used in the professional world and for personal uses as well.  The dazzling natural MICA surface will make any design project memorable  When you are ready to create your glistening project, shop nowhere else but DefyPaper:

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