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Mohawk Carnival Envelopes

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Mohawk Carnival Envelopes

Mohawk Carnival EnvelopesDo you want a festive atmosphere for your next design’s message?  Let’s have a Carnival!  Mohawk Carnival is one of the most economical choices in paper and envelopes, yet you lose nothing in the fine quality, textures, and beautiful assortment of colors this line has to offer.  Mohawk Paper Carnival Envelopes are designed with several textures to choose from with matching envelopes to complete your project.

Choose a texture that Fits Your Project

Smooth, rough, or embossed; all have a tactile character of their own.  Textures give paper and envelopes their special personalities:

    The Carnival smooth finish is very popular due to its sleek feel; and since it fills the valleys and peaks found naturally in paper, the print quality is amazing!  Blacks are bolder and colors appear more vivid.

     The Carnival vellum finish features a subtle texture.  Although the texture is subtle, its impact on the design is not, a very distinguished and pleasing feel.  The vellum finish is very popular and offers the widest range of colors in the Mohawk Carnival line of papers and envelopes.

     Carnival Groove’s distinct ribbed texture will leave a strong impression. The linear embossed pattern can be a bold, supportive element of any design project.  If you want your design to be remarkable and memorable, Mohawk Carnival Groove is the right choice!

     Mohawk Carnival EnvelopesThe Carnival Linen finish adds elegance, bringing sophistication to your projects.  This finish is designed to resemble fine linen fabric.  The subtle embossed surface offers outstanding ink holdout and is capable of handling a wide range of specialty printing processes, including digital.  The fine finish adds an amazing on press performance, making the finished printed piece a superior work of art!

     The Carnival Felt finish is reminiscent of the wood felts used in manufacturing paper in the 19th Century.  The felt finish is achieved by running the paper through marking rolls and has a very fine felt-like texture.

Environmentally Certified

Carnival is not only a gorgeous and tactile selection, it is also environmentally friendly.  The entire line is FSC certified, Green E certified, manufactured with 30% post-consumer recycled content and is manufactured using wind power.

Mohawk Paper Carnival Envelopes and Paper is a perfect choice for sustainable projects. Mohawk is known for its creative line of products, their Carnival line is no exception.  Carnival is a leader in developing the standards for deep, saturated color, luxurious textures, and remarkable printability.  You can purchase your selection from the Mohawk Carnival line through DefyPaper:

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