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Mohawk Color Copy – Product Spotlight

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Mohawk Color Copy – Product Spotlight

The Mohawk Color Copy line has set the bar remarkably high for today’s standards in high-resolution digital color printers and copiers. Featuring Mohawk’s patented Digital Imaging Surface, each selection is created to enhance both dry and liquid toner’s performance. Mohawk only utilizes the cleanest, highest quality post-consumer waste fibers in its Color Copy – 100% PC White paper. The Bright White is an astounding ninety-eight brightness. Mohawk’s Color Copy line is FSC certified and manufactured with Green-e certified wind energy.

Amazing Brightness and More

Along with the amazing brightness, Mohawk Color Copy is top of the line with a smoothness factor of ninety-eight! The smoothness of the paper is accomplished in the calendaring process. In this process the paper is run through rollers; the more pressure applied to the paper, the smoother the paper becomes. The Mohawk Color Copy line was designed to enhance digital print performance from the office to the press room. Mohawk has set the quality for volume color copying standards at an extremely high level.  The super smooth finish aligned with brightness, and its unmatched performance on color copiers and laser printers; provides a highly desired work of art. The Digital Imaging surface created by Mohawk is an exclusive, innovative technology designed to produce superior color copies.

 Many Sizes and Weights

DefyPaper stocks Mohawk Color Copy in several convenient sizes, in both bond and cover weights. We stock two traditional shades of white: 100% PC White, which is 10% post-consumer waste recycled fibers and meets the EPA’s guidelines for recycled papers, while Bright White is not recycled. An occasional, tiny particle of fiber may be visible on the paper but will not affect the paper’s performance and may add some personality to the sheet. Mohawk Color Copy’s brightness factor of ninety-four; on a recycled sheet of paper, is extraordinary! At DefyPaper, select the paper that best fits your printing requirements, and you can print from home or office. Shop now at DefyPaper:

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