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Mohawk Cotton Paper – Product Spotlight

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Mohawk Cotton Paper – Product Spotlight

Cotton paper is manufactured using recycled cloth fibers.  Cotton fibers make the paper highly durable, and environmentally friendly.  Often essential documents are printed on this type of paper because it can withstand the test of time for several years without deterioration.   The wood-based pulp commonly used to manufacture paper is no comparison to the strength and longevity of the cotton-based paper.

Mohawk Strathmore 25% Cotton

This premium sheet is the finest stationery paper you will find on the market today.  Mohawk Strathmore 25% cotton is the leader for identity systems worldwide.  Made from premium cotton pulp.  This fine sheet of cotton-based paper coordinates well with other Mohawk Strathmore text and cover finishes.

Mohawk Strathmore Pure Cotton

Mohawk has set the standard high for creation and design since 1892. Mohawk Strathmore Pure Cotton has honored tradition while paving new ground with up-to-date colors and innovative surface technology.  Strathmore Pure Cotton is manufactured using ultra-premium 100% cotton fiber

Cotton Mohawk Strathmore – Shop Cotton Selection of Mohawk Strathmore Paper and More | Defy Paper

Mohawk Via

Via cotton paper is manufactured using 25% premium cotton fibers, producing a luxuriously soft cotton feel.  The light cockle finish applied to this sheet creates a subtle surface intensity, the smooth finish’s elegant surface is very desirable.  The light cockle texture is reminiscent of traditional stationery papers.  With a brightness factor of 94, the print quality is excellent.  The crisp surface gives extraordinary laser print performance.  Reliable on print for digital, offset, inkjet, and laser equipment.

Via 25% Cotton Bright White 25% Cotton – Light Cockle 8½ X 11 24 lb. Writing (90 gsm) (

Via 25% Cotton Bright White 25% Cotton – Smooth 8½ X 11 24 lb. Writing (90 gsm) (

Cotton fiber-based paper is versatile and can be utilized in many business and personal applications, including stationery and letterhead. The Mohawk Strathmore 25% cotton, Strathmore Pure Cotton and Via cotton lines are watermarked for added security.

You can shop for durable cotton-based envelopes to match the paper you have selected at DefyPaper, to enhance your mailing message:

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