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Mohawk Skytone – Product Spotlight

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Mohawk Skytone – Product Spotlight

Mohawk SkytoneMohawk Skytone captures the look and feel of genuine parchment papers.  Its distinguished, yet subtle vellum textured surface and distinctive formation vary naturally, making every sheet unique on every manufacturing run.  The Mohawk Skytone line of papers are manufactured lignin free and chlorine free; which gives the paper an increased longevity.  The line is FSC certified, manufactured with 30% post-consumer waste fibers, and 100% wind power.

Mohawk Skytone Versatility

If you are as unique as Mohawk Skytone then you can understand how versatile this paper’s style really is. This paper will enhance any creative project you are working on, such as:  certificates, diplomas, invitations, awards, announcements, catalogs, flyers, graphic design projects, personal stationery, corporate stationery, annual reports, booklets, brochures, marketing proposals, and newsletters.

Great for Weddings

Create elegant and memorable invitations, it can also be used for your guest’s place cards.  The dreamy unique appearance will be the talk of the town as it will blend nicely with any wedding themes and décor.


Your company’s letterhead communicates a lot about your company.  Make it an impactful and memorable experience, standing out way above your competitors.  Skytone’s 60# text weight is an excellent choice for letterhead, heavy enough to be durable.  The sophisticated “cloudy” look is not only pleasing to the eye, it also enhances your company’s message.  This paper is versatile and can be used in other aspects of your company, when you want to show creativity in your correspondence. The vellum finish adds to the paper’s sophisticated appearance with a subtle tactical feel.


Just like letterhead, you want your resume to stand out above other candidates for the same position.  A favorite choice for creative resumes is Mohawk Skytone for a professional quality selection. Natural is a common color for this application, but pastel colors such as blue can be utilized as well.  The soft hues can spark interest from your potential employer without compromising a professional presentation.  Skytone will leave a memorable impression.

Many Colors and Weights

DefyPaper stocks Skytone papers in an assortment of colors from traditional white and cream to pastels.  In 60# text and 65# cover weights, both in 8.5×11 sheets with matching envelopes.  The 60# text works exceptionally well on inkjet and laser equipment:

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