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Mohawk Strathmore – Cotton

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Mohawk Strathmore – Cotton

Mohawk Strathmore - CottonMohawk Strathmore – Cotton is a diverse assortment of cotton papers, colors and finishes that honor tradition while striking new ground with contemporary colors and surface technologies.  Prior to the mid-19th Century, cotton was the primary ingredient for paper production.  Wood pulp replaced cotton as the #1 paper ingredient. Wood-based paper, although cheaper to manufacture, noticeably didn’t compare to the quality of cotton paper. Cotton fibers make the paper highly durable, and environmentally friendly.

Stand the Test of Time

Cotton based paper can stand the test of time; and has been known to be stored for decades without deteriorating, fading, or discoloring. This is why cotton paper is selected for essential documents and records.  Cotton based paper is not only durable, but it also has a distinct, irresistibly soft texture.  The texture of Strathmore’s soft, cotton fibers will enhance the way the paper feels.  It awakens our sense of touch, adding another layer of excellence to the creativity you are putting into your project.

Mohawk Strathmore – Cotton options

Mohawk Strathmore 25% Cotton:  This premium sheet is the finest stationery paper you will find on the market today.  Mohawk Strathmore 25% cotton is the leader for identity systems worldwide.  Made from premium cotton pulp.

Mohawk Strathmore Pure Cotton: Strathmore Pure Cotton is manufactured using ultra-premium 100% cotton fiber. Mohawk Strathmore Pure Cotton has honored tradition while breaking new ground with modern colors and imaginative surface technology.

Strathmore Versatility

Strathmore is a high-performing beautiful brand, add some luxury to your communications and print designs. Strathmore cotton paper is versatile and can be utilized in many business and personal applications, including stationery and letterhead.  Heavier weights of Strathmore cotton can be used for printing invitations, greeting cards, announcements, reports, and whenever you need your paper to impress.

Mohawk’s high standards have been inspiring creations and print designs since 1892. The 24# version includes a watermark. Strathmore cotton coordinates well with other Mohawk Strathmore text and cover finishes. The Mohawk Strathmore 25% cotton, Strathmore Pure Cotton and matching envelopes can be purchased through DefyPaper:


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