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Neenah Capitol Bond – Product Spotlight

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Cotton Paper

Neenah Capitol Bond – Product Spotlight

Cotton PaperCotton paper is manufactured using recycled cloth fibers.  The reason many essential documents are printed on this type of paper is due to the fact it can withstand the test of time for several years without deterioration.  The wood-based pulp is no comparison to the strength and archival properties found in the cotton-based fibers.  Neenah Capitol Bond is manufactured with 25% cotton for durable communication papers. 

Distinct Texture

Cotton is not only durable, it also has a distinct texture. The texture of the soft, cotton fibers will enhance the way the paper feels. It awakens our sense of touch, adding another layer of excellence to the creativity you are putting into your project.   

 Printing Pops Off the Page

You may wonder why Capitol Bond is manufactured in two shades of white?  The answer is quite simple; all whites are not the same.  Brightness of the sheets can influence the appearance of the printed images.  The Capitol Bond’s traditional white has a clean/fresh appearance that works great for most print projects. The brightness factor of this shade of white is 91, so it is a comfortable brightness for reading.  The alternative is bright white; the brightness factor of this shade is 96.  This shade of white is so brilliant, the printed images pop right off the page!  Both are excellent choices, just pick the hue that best fits your creative project and your unique style.  Neenah Capitol Bond has a distinguished watermark that adds to its premium appearance. 

Quality Cotton Paper

This premium quality bond is an excellent choice for many printing projects such as:  annual reports & covers, sell sheets, brochures and company correspondence and other daily operation projects you may be working on. 

Neenah has over 135 years in manufacturing and developing cotton-fiber based papers. The Capitol Bond line is the go-to alternative for impressive desktop and traditional printing, quality at your fingertips!  Empress everyone with your business and personal correspondence projects of any size.  Don’t forget the matching envelopes to complete your creative design: 

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