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Paper Characteristics: Linen Paper

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Paper Characteristics: Linen Paper

Linen Paper is the most popular textured finish in the paper market today. It is designed to resemble fine linen fabric.  The linen finish is consistent on both sides of the paper making the print uniform.  This elegant texture adds sophistication, durability, and is used in many professions for this reason.

Linen Paper works amazingly well for embossing, the contrast between the delicate linen finish and the raised embossed pattern is eye catching to say the least.  Many brands are watermarked in the 24# bond weight, for added security.

Resumes require sophistication and professionalism; the linen finish accomplishes that. Traditional colors for these documents are shades of white or ivory.

Linen paper adds a touch of superiority and sophistication which is why it is often used in professions such as attorneys, physicians, financial advisors, and accountants.  In these types of professions, their clients are more than likely going to retain documents and correspondence for their records.  The paper selection must be able to endure the test of time.

Linen adds a taste of elegance to your printed design such as wedding invitations. You can select colors that match’s the bride’s theme colors.

Linen paper can also be used as personal or business stationery and letterhead. The most common colors for company letterhead are shades of white, ivory or cream.  If you decide to step out of the norm and want to select a different color, choose a light or pastel color so the print will be more legible.

Linen also adds a taste of sophistication to certificates, business cards, reports, business proposals, direct mail, announcements, invitations, postcards, promotional materials, greeting cards, and luxurious menus.

If you are wanting to impress a current or potential client, business associate or job recruiter; this sophisticated finish is the solution to do so!  This premium finished paper creates an aurora of success, all you need to do is print your creative content on it.  The elegant look and feel of textured luxury at your fingertips. Linen finished paper, when you want to add a touch of elegance to your printed design, while making a grand impression!  DefyPaper stocks many brands of elegant Linen papers and matching envelopes:

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