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Paper Characteristics: Paper Color

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Paper Characteristics: Paper Color

There is so much to consider when designing a printed project including paper color.  In fact, due to how much information that needs to be considered, I will have to break this down in several blogs.  The more you know – the easier it is to select the correct paper needed for your creative plans!

These are some paper characteristics that should be considered:

Color of paper selected

Brightness (the percentage of light that the paper will reflect)


Paper grade

Paper weight


Finish (such as Linen, coated, un-coated, smooth etc.)

Paper Color

Paper Color selection is always a consideration for a printed project and really boils down to personal preference of the project designer.  Paper Colors can vary depending on paper choice – especially coated vs non-coated.  Because of the noticeable differences, several printer manufacturers certify papers that have certain characteristics for their equipment. This profile describes the color attributes of a certain device.

Many people get confused between the difference of whiteness of paper vs brightness.  Whiteness is the shade of white of the paper itself – this can affect graphics that you are adding to your printed project.  When color printing, consider the shade and whiteness of your selected paper.  This, along with the color of toner you have chosen will affect the final outcome of the natural colors and how they appear. If your project consists mainly of flesh tones, a neutral white shade would be preferrable for the best color reproduction.  If you’re looking to print images with blue tones, such as oceans, a blue/white shade of paper will further enhance the blue tones in the paper.  If your document consists mainly of type – a warm white would be preferable, as it is less tiring to the eye when reading, as opposed to brighter whites.


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