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Printable Wristbands

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Printable Wristbands

Printable WristbandAre you stressing out about the event you are planning?  How do you keep un-invited or underaged guests from attending, or control the quantity of guests?  Solution:  Blanks USA printable wristbands.  Since they are digital you can print them in the convenience of your home or office.

Identification Wristbands

If you are planning a gathering of any kind from auctions to entertainment events, Blanks USA printable wristbands are beneficial and convenient.  The wristbands are perfect for short-term usage including:  age identification, admission control, security, just to name a few.   The wristbands have a secure, tamper-resistant adhesive closure, guaranteed to stay on.


These economically priced printable wristbands are secure, tamperproof, very durable and keeps your event compliant. Manufactured with a 7mil woven poly material that makes the wristbands water resistant.  No cutting necessary as there are micro-perforations between the bands, just pop them out! The dimensions of the finished wristbands are 1”x10”. The wristbands come 12 up on a 10×13 sheet of paper. The adhesive strip is adjustable, making the wristbands comfortable to wear.


The wristbands are easily identifiable, so less hassle re-checking ID’s etc., shorter lines for guests re-entering and moving around at an event.  The printed information on the wristbands can be easily customized, with your company’s name/logo or social gathering theme, etc.  Printable Wristbands can also be used in lieu of raffle tickets or promotional contests at fundraisers.  The numbers can easily be printed right on each wristband.  The winner will be wearing the coordinating wristband right on their wrist, no hassles!

No More Messy Stamps

Say goodbye to messy stamps that smear and easily wash off.  These printable wristbands are easy for your event staff to affix; just a peel and stick adhesive strip, no long lines waiting to enter.  Easily and conveniently print using digital, dry toner, laser, offset and HP Indigo printers.  Check out the free templates available, just click on the design ICON on the detail page of the DefyPaper website and you’re all set!

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