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Product Spotlight: Paper Tyger

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Product Spotlight: Paper Tyger

Sometimes what you’re printing is not as important as the paper you’re printing it on. When you make the commitment to printing high quality flyers, tickets, menus, manuals, or other items right from your office printer, you want to make sure the end result is as durable as it is visually appealing.

That’s where Paper Tyger comes in. Paper Tyger is technically ‘paper’, but it’s unlike any paper you’ve ever seen. This patented product is made with a paper/film/paper laminating process that makes it water and tear resistant and also gives it superior fold endurance. Yet this product still prints and feels like paper, so you can use it for virtually any printing project.

What does this mean for your printed materials?

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Menus that resist grease and water damage and can be used for months (or even years!).
  • Wristbands that can be used over and over for multiple events.
  • Impressive and durable flip charts that can be used in client presentations and staff meetings.
  • Food prep manuals that can be used in your restaurant’s kitchen without becoming damaged.
  • Door hangers or flyers that won’t be damaged by the elements or by using multiple times.
Paper Tyger

Multiple Choices to Match the Perfect Project

PaperTyger is available in four different weights from standard copy paper to heavy cardstock so there is a perfect choice for all of your specialty printing needs. From weather-resistant flyers to pass out at your next outdoor event to tear-proof book covers for all your employee handbooks, PaperTyger creates durable printed materials that you can use over and over in your business.

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At DefyPaper, we know the value of quality materials and the need for budgeting. Paper Tyger offers the both of best worlds. You get the durability and quality you’d find a true synthetic material and the cost effectiveness of paper. If getting the job done right and under budget is your goal, Paper Tyger is the perfect solution.

DEFYPaper is proud to offer a large selection of paper products to meet all of your printing needs and makes high-quality printing projects fast and simple. If you have any questions or need help selecting the perfect product for your business or organization’s needs or would like a sample of Paper Tyger, contact one of our DEFYPaper experts.  Call 1-800-486-3435 or email  Visit us at