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Royal Sundance Paper

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Royal Sundance Paper

The Neenah Royal Sundance line is amazingly diverse, manufactured in several finishes and textures.  Neenah and DefyPaper are very conscientious of the environmental factors, and the Royal Sundance line is FSC certified, using renewable electricity, and green seal certified. Royal Sundance is manufactured acid free with archival properties making the paper very durable.

Royal Sundance Digital Finish

Neenah is well known for print perfection – Royal Sundance papers are no exception to this rule.  Royal Sundance is a prestigious line of papers and features Neenah’s Universal Digital Finish.  This unique finish is designed to print magnificently in all digital printing presses.  Excellent print performance, and compatible with inkjet printers, copiers, or laser printers.  You will be amazed at the excellence this hard-working paper provides for your creative projects.

Royal Sundance Smooth finish is watermarked in the 24# weight for an added security feature. The sleek texture and appearance of the smooth finish is accomplished during the calendaring process.  The paper moves through rollers, the tighter the rollers, the smoother the paper becomes.

Soft Felt Texture

The Royal Sundance felt finish is manufactured by using special rollers, creating the soft texture of felt.  Beautiful specs of color throughout the sheet; with the feel of felt, adding a distinct personality to every sheet. The texture brings elegance to your design, while the appearance of the tiny specs adds a sense of sophistication. The fine felt texture can be used in many different applications including books, brochures, resumes and invitations to name just a few.

Choose Royal Sundance and make your printing project easy and admired! You can let your creative side go wild with this line stocked at DefyPaper.  Royal Sundance works perfectly in many applications including: folders, brochures, invitations, direct mail, stationery, letterhead and menus.  It’s the balance between integrity and quality, with an economical value.  If you need Royal Sundance matching envelopes, please visit DefyPaper:

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