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Spinnaker Labels – Product Spotlight

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Spinnaker Labels – Product Spotlight

Spinnaker LabelsWith the experiences we have had this past year, we know how important labels are in our communities.  Labels have been used for important information and warnings.  Defy Paper has a wide variety of Spinnaker Coating label selections.  Labels are used for many different reasons:  warnings, identification, information, instructions for use, promotional displays, environmental information and to cover up blemishes.  We stock various forms, and sizes to meet your requirements.

Spinnaker Labels come in many Sizes and Finishes

Spinnaker Labels has a wide selection of labels to choose from:  Various sizes and shapes (rectangle and circle), cover-up (hides old labels or blemishes), water proof, permanent and removable.  Finishes include: Coated, Uncoated, Matte and Metallic.  Defy Paper has just the label you’ve been searching for!  Explore our Labels

So Many Types of Spinnaker Labels

Shelf Talker Labels

Is your business having a sale?  Why not let the shelf talk for you?  That’s right, Defy Paper stocks shelf-talker labels.  We have 2 options, both 8.5×11:  Semi-Gloss & Vinyl.  Bring your customer’s attention to clearance products or whichever product you want to make your consumers aware of.  Learn More >

Packaging Labels

Is the appearance of your packaging important to your brand; want to make it appealing to the recipient?  Defy Paper has Spinnaker Coating wafer seals available, at your convenience.  These come in two options for your convenience:   1” and 1.5” circles, both are uncoated and come in the 8.5×11 size.  Print your company’s logo or any information pertaining to the contents of the package.

Name Tags and Badges

Are you planning a conference or other gathering?  It may be beneficial to have name badges readily available, get everyone acquainted!!  Spinnaker Coating has the solution: name badge labels you can purchase through Defy Paper.  These come on an 8.5×11 bright white sheet, the badges measure  3 3/8 x 2 1/3.  Learn More >

Auto Window Stickers

A lot of consumers like to have the essential information in plain view when they are considering purchasing a vehicle.  Solution:  Spinnaker Coating auto window stickers.  The information is readily available for your customers and sales staff as well.  8.5×11 sheet that works best in a laser/toner application, the sticker measures @ 8×10.  Just order through Defy Paper and start printing!  Learn More >

Address Labels

A very popular product is address labels.  Having address labels at your fingertips with your company’s logo, very convenient!   Excellent for personal use as well, who has time to write out their address on mailings?  Works great in laser, copier and inkjet applications.  Includes a 35# lay-flat liner for your convenience.  You can print them right from your home or office! Learn More >

With the unforeseen pandemic, labels have been an essential product for warnings and information.  For decades, labels have been a means of communicating vital information.  Labels can be utilized in various ways:  identification, information, warning, instructions, and promotional use. Defy Paper has a variety of Spinnaker Coating labels to choose from, to best suit your specifications.

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