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Westrock Tango – Product Spotlight

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Westrock Tango – Product Spotlight

Westrock Tango is coated cover paper which is stylish and most importantly, is known for its superior print performance.  The Westrock Mill packs in cartons treated to resist dirt and moisture.  The Tango line has a brightness of 92.  The ink holdout is outstanding, the clean-white shade is a very pleasing color.

Westrock Tango is Great for Greeting Cards

Tango C1S (coated one side):  This sheet is very popular for greeting cards as one side has a gloss coating for the images to look crisp and vivid.   While the uncoated side is excellent for text to print legibly, and the ability to write on it.  Many people; including myself, like to write personal messages on the cards, and of course write your signature too!

Top Notch Business  and Gift Cards

C1S (coated one side) is excellent for printing business cards, a lot of times business cards are handed out at trade shows or in-person visits etc., notes can be added to the non-coated side for further reference.  Handing out business cards is a professional, yet casual way to share information with prospective clients.  If you discuss pricing for instance, the recipient can jot that down.  If there isn’t somewhere to write on, they may decide to go with another company, forgetting what you quoted them.

Create Notepads

Appointment cards are also a popular application for C1S.  Many times, appointments are cancelled or changed, also a person can jot down questions they may have for their doctor, attorney, or whomever the appointment is with.

Westrock Tango is great for Brochures and Booklets

C2S (coated 2 sides) is commonly used for brochures, magazines, year books and promotional materials among other applications.  The coating on both sides provides protection, which makes it very durable.  The brightness factor of 92 makes the print bold and beautiful, images appear crisp.

Endless Creativity with Tango

There are many other applications for C1S and C2S covers, let your creative side go wild!!  DefyPaper stocks the Westrock Tango C1S and C2S in white, various sizes, and caliper measurements ranging from 8pt to 16pt cover stock. The “clean-white” shade was created based on a broad global survey.  Supreme print performance, supreme product appearance; Tango delivers on both consistently! Shop for Tango C1S and C2S sheets @:

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