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3 Ways to Stand Out to Clients and Staff with Copy Paper Selection

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3 Ways to Stand Out to Clients and Staff with Copy Paper Selection

As a small business owner or manager, it’s likely you don’t put a whole lot of thought into paper selection for your copy machine. Paper is paper, right? However, this really isn’t the case. There is a wide range of paper options and it goes far beyond what you see on the shelves of an office supply store. The paper you choose for interoffice printing and for projects that will be delivered to clients or potential customers can have a big impact on morale and on the success of your proposals. Here are some ways that paper selection matters—and how you can make the best choices.

Provide Your Staff with the Perk of Ergonomic Paper

The burden of carrying around huge reams of paper and making sure the printer is always full probably falls to your staff. One way to make their lives easier is to buy your paper packaged in Splox. Splox are 25 pound cartons that fit 2,500 sheets of paper with no ream wrappers and with an easy-to-carry handle. This allows your employees to easily transport paper and load it more quickly and easily into the printer.  Cartons are durable and also reusable

Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition with Paper Selection

There is a big difference when it comes to paper quality and what you print client presentations, proposals, or other documents on can have an impact on your business image. Smoothness, weight, brightness, density, and texture are all factors in paper quality and using the highest quality paper, like our Polaris Bright White 24# Premium multipurpose, can set you apart from your competition. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your clients are only interested in what is printed on the paper. Delivering your documents on high-end paper matters and can mean the difference between landing a new client or losing out to a competitor.

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28 LB


24 LB


20 LB

Higher weight paper adds bond and thickness while decreasing see through

Choosing the Best Paper for Your Project

Having a high quality printer is a wise investment for your business. However, many business owners degrade their investment by buying cheap paper. This is similar to buying cheap tires to put on your brand new luxury sports car. If you are going to invest in a quality printer, you should also make the investment in quality paper.

Quality does not always have to mean the most expensive, high-end paper available. For inter-office correspondence, a ‘commodity’ paper will be sufficient, though you should always avoid buying the cheapest paper you can find. For printed materials for external use, though, you want the paper quality to reflect your company’s reputation and image. This means an investment in premium paper that stands out from the crowd. For fractions of a penny per sheet more, you can use a heavier and brighter paper that instantly boosts your client’s impression of your company.

Having a quality printer in your office saves time and money if used correctly. Make sure you choose the right paper to maximize your printer’s qualities and make the right impression on your staff and clients. If you’d like to try one of our ergonomic Splox cartons, make sure you check out our October special where you will receive a free ream of Boise Polaris MP paper with every Splox purchase.

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