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Customized Wristbands for Your Event

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Printable Wristband

Customized Wristbands for Your Event

Does your business ever put on events like team outings, fundraisers, networking parties, or field trips? Do you want to control who can get into your events, keep track of participants, and better promote your business’s brand? Have you ever considered using customized wristbands for your event but think they’re too expensive or difficult to create? With printable options like the ones available at DEFYPaper, you can customize wristbands with your logo and unique design and print only as many as you need.

Printable Wristband

Why Should I Use Printable Wristbands?

Wristbands provide the ultimate in security. If you have a private event, you need to know that only those who have purchased tickets or paid admission are able to attend. If you use generic wristbands, you run the risk of gatecrashers buying their own online or at any store. If you stamp hands, you can easily miss people or their stamps wash off in the bathroom.

In addition to security, logoed wristbands also promote your brand to anyone who sees them. Increase awareness for your event, cause, or business in general with a customized message that will spread to everyone the wearer sees. Wristbands are easy to transport, a cinch to send out in the mail prior to events, and highly durable.

What Type of Events Can I Use Them For?

Outings  Make sure you’ve got your whole squad by putting wristbands on your group before you go out in public. This is ideal for outings with children as you can alert the park or recreational area staff members that all those with custom wristbands are with your group.

Networking Events and Parties  Hosting a networking event or party where participants get free drinks, foods, or entries into raffles? Putting a wristband on them as they walk through the door ensures only those you invited are able to attend and take advantage of the perks.

Fundraisers  If people sneak into your fundraising event, it’s the non-profit cause that ultimately loses out. Use wristbands at your fundraising event to ensure only ticket-holders get in and further use them for drawings and auction items to raise even more money.

Tradeshows  Give away wristbands the next time you have a tradeshow booth to promote your business image to hundreds of tradeshow participants. Tell participants they get a free drawing entry if they wear your wristband and watch the word spread!

How Do I Get Them?

With DEFYPaper, getting printable wristbands for your business is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Pick the type of wristband you want from the available products.
  2.  Download one of our easy-to-use templates and create your design. Your design can include text, images, logos, or any other elements you choose.
  3.  Simply print your own wristbands right from your own office printer. Print as many or as few as you need, then print more as necessary.

Yes, it’s that easy!  Start Shopping Now >>

This new approach makes it easy and affordable for any business to use customized wristbands to promote their company and keep events secure.

DEFYPaper is proud to offer a large selection of paper products to meet all of your printing needs and make projects like creating wristbands easy and fast. If you have any questions or need help selecting the perfect product for your business or organization’s needs, contact one of our DEFYPaper experts.  Call 1-800-486-3435 or email  Visit us at