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Integrated Cards Get Your Business Noticed

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Integrated Cards

Integrated Cards Get Your Business Noticed

Keeping your business and its services in front of your clients 24/7 can be a daunting marketing task. Once your business gets noticed, how does it become a go-to source creating repeat and loyal customers? Integrated cards will not only help your business get noticed, but with the right message, will keep your company’s name and information in front of your valuable client in a number of fun and creative ways.

Integrated Cards

What Are Integrated Cards?

Integrated cards are basically pop-out or peel-off cards on a piece of stationary or paper. The paper can have a letter to your clients, feature images of your products, or detail a sale or other promotional opportunity. Those who receive the integrated piece in the mail or at an event can read the information, then pop out the card for later use. The card can be a gift card, a discount card, or any other type of card that fits your business.

How Can I Use Them?

Integrated cards are perfect for bulk mailings to potential or current customers. They’re also ideal for handing out at tradeshows or networking events. Consider choosing a zip code near your business and sending out cards to everyone nearby or choose a target demographic to send your mailings out to. Anywhere you use your integrated cards, potential customers will take notice! It’s much more difficult to throw away a laminated card than a simple piece of paper—especially if that card has value!


How Do I Get Them?

Fortunately, with Defy Paper, getting integrated cards for your business is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Choose the appropriate style of integrated card. Choose from hundreds of different options (link this to the site) and select one that’s just right for your project.

2. Download one of our easy-to-use templates and create your design. Your design can include text, images, logos, or any other elements you choose.

3.  Simply print your own wristbands right from your own office printer. Print as many or as few as you need, then print more as necessary.

Our Favorites

  1.  1 Up, Peel out Synthetic Card, Water/Tear Resistant, Smooth edges, printable on 2 sides
  2.  2 Up, Peel out Synthetic Card, Water/Tear Resistant, Smooth edges, printable 2 sides
  3.  1 Up, Fold Over ID Card, Twice as thick, Smooth edges, printable 2 sides
  4.  2 Up, Fold Over ID Card, Twice as thick, Smooth edges, printable 2 sides
  5.  4-Up Magnetic Postcard Coated

Yes, it’s that easy!

Many businesses fail to use effective printed marketing materials because they simply do not meet the minimums and longer lead times of a printer. With DEFYPaper, this problem is solved and even sole proprietors can harness the power of quality print materials as often as you need.

DEFYPaper is proud to offer a large selection on paper products to meet all of your printing needs and make projects like creating integrated business cards easy and fast. If you have any questions or need help selecting the perfect product for your business or organization’s needs, contact one of our DEFYPaper experts. Call 1-800-486-3435 or email