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Paper Characteristics: Bond Paper

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Bond Paper

Paper Characteristics: Bond Paper

There are many popular paper grades.  Today we will explore Bond Paper.

  1. Bond also known as Writing
  2. Book also known as Text
  3. Cover
  4. Tag
  5. Index

Bond Paper

Within each of these grades, as you have learned through previous blogs, there are other characteristics that make paper different.  The more you know and understand these differences the easier it will be to select the paper that best suits your project.

The name “bond paper” is derived from the fact it was originally manufactured for use as government and legal documents such as bonds.

Bond paper typically has excellent ink absorbency.

Bond paper is a very strong sheet of paper. The leading paper mills manufacture bond paper using pulp made from rag fibers.  Bond paper can be archived for many years, sometimes decades. The rag fibers make the paper more durable as compared to other types of paper that are manufactured using wood pulp fibers.

The most popular weights are 20# and 24#. Most common is the standard letter size of 8.5×11, but other pre-cut sizes include the legal size of 8.5×14, and tabloid size of 11×17.

The 20# and 24# bond weights are typically used for copy paper and can be printed using most office and home equipment such as copiers and desktop printers. Other uses include personal or business stationary, business forms and a variety of other documents.

Bond papers can include a watermark added during manufacturing, typically in the 24# weight. A watermark is an embossed image, usually a stamp or logo. The watermark does not interrupt or prevent visibility of the protected image and many times is only visible when paper is held up to a light. The most common purpose of a watermark is for security reasons, so the image is protected from being altered or copied without the owner’s knowledge or permission.  As most of us know, money is printed with a watermark to inhibit counterfeiting attempts. Many companies choose to have a watermark of their company logo added to their letterhead to add sophistication, elegance, and professionalism.

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