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Paper Characteristics: Text Paper

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Paper Characteristics: Text Paper

Text paper, also known as “book” is a lightweight paper that falls in between bond and cover papers. This type of printing paper is the most commonly used, except of course for copy paper.  The name book was applied during its history as use for book pages, in today’s printing and publishing industries this is an essential commodity, not only used for just book pages.

Text paper is very versatile and can be used in many printing projects such as: booklets, announcements, brochures, flyers, magazines, book pages, catalogs, company letterhead, promotional campaigns, posters, stationary, annual reports, and various inner-office documents.

Most text papers are manufactured using wood pulp. Wood pulp is not as durable as the rag fibers used in manufacturing bond papers. If you want a more durable text paper, cotton and linen text papers are available.

Text paper can be utilized in its uncoated version, (also known as offset) but can have coating, textures and finishes applied during manufacturing. You will find an assortment of weights and pre-cut sizes to select from; along with an assortment of color options to complete your creative projects.

The brand quality can vary widely, depending on its intended use and the paper’s manufacturer.  Quality can have a significant impact on the readability of printed words, graphics and overall appearance of the printed project.  Most of the leading mills manufacture text so that the surface of the paper will allow ink to be absorbed evenly, making the print appear clear.

A very important quality characteristic to consider is the paper’s opaqueness; especially if your printing project includes printing on both sides of the paper. You will want to choose a brand of paper that has a high opaque factor. Opaque refers to the transparency of the paper. A high opaque factor results in inks applied won’t bleed through.

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