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Paper Characteristics: Index Paper

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Index Paper

Paper Characteristics: Index Paper

Index paper in its history reconstructed the saving, processing, and retrieving information in a printed form. The original purpose was nothing short of organizing information, as known in the past library system which was called the Dewey Decimal System, and media outlets for storing and retrieving information. Imagine what it must have been like to do the data entry on all of the index cards stored in libraries and media outlets when computer data was introduced?  Wow, I can’t even imagine! This index card system inadvertently created many of the facets that brought the internet to flourish in the modern-day way of finding information, it also is the backbone of information storage in our computers today. The last known index cards used for a library system was in 2015, by Concordia College in Bronxville, NY; to be used for a back-up for their computer catalog systems.

Index is a strong paper grade that is stiff, but bendable. Most common weights are 90# and 110# index. Many people confuse index versus cover papers. Keep in mind index is a lighter and usually cheaper paper option as opposed to cover papers.  For example, a 110# index paper is approximately the same weight as an 80# cover sheet of paper.

Index has excellent ink receptiveness, and due to its thickness can be printed on both sides; without showing through.

Typically used for index cards but can also be used in other applications such as: dividers, folders, postcards, recipe cards, tabs and can be used to take notes for a presentation or speech.  The 90# and 110# index options can be used for direct mailings, this includes stand-alone postcards and business reply mailings.

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