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Polyart Synthetic PaperPolyart synthetic paper is manufactured using high-density Polyethylene film with a unique clay coating.  The combination of Polyethylene film and the matte coating applied during manufacturing combines the advantages of paper, with the resilience of plastic.  The clay coating eliminates the static and slow drying issues found in plastic. It has a smooth unified surface, which provides faster drying times.

Polyart Handles Demanding Applications

Polyart’s state of the art synthetic paper is designed to withstand the most demanding applications! Polyart’s clay coating that is applied ensures Polyart can be used in an outdoor environment, it resists weather conditions, most oils, tearing, a variety of chemicals (ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, caustic soda etc.), and water; including seawater so it works exceptionally well on drum labels, shipping labels, etc. Polyart withstands extreme temperatures, up to 140* F and down to  -76* F. Even in unbearable conditions, Polyart will remain dimensionally stable and won’t become rigid. Due to its UV resistance, Polyart will not shrink.  It contains no artificial whiteners or brighteners; these additives can cause plastics to become brittle and break when exposed to sunlight. Lightfast inks are recommended for outdoor applications.

PolyartThe unique patented manufacturing process comprises stretching both mechanically and manually using a cross-direction technique. Due to this stretching technique, Polyart, doesn’t have a grain direction so, no worries!!

Polyart perfectly conforms easily to any shape due to its balanced physical properties, it will conform well to irregular surfaces, including bottles or other non-square shaped products.  Polyart is safe to use for toys and food labels.  The versatility of Polyart is amazing and can be used in these applications as well:  waterproof maps, menus, outdoor posters, technical manuals, clothing labels, horticultural tags, and luggage tags.

Exceptional QualityPolyart Synthetic Paper

Polyart has exceptional print quality that is vivid and colorful. It has a smudge proof Thermal Transfer. It looks, feels, prints, and converts like premium matte-coated paper, but with the duration of plastic! Follow DefyPaper’s website to order Polyart and other quality papers and envelopes:

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