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Printed Boxes for your Business

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Gift Boxes

Printed Boxes for your Business

Do you need customized printed boxes?  DefyPaper has a wide variety of shapes and sizes to make your project memorable.  They are so versatile they can be used for trade shows, parties, or gatherings of any kind.    Use your creative ideas to enhance the recipient’s experience.  The sky’s the limit!!

Gift Boxes

Trade Shows

Place some samples of your company’s merchandise to hand out at trade shows.  Just choose the size and style that will best display your products.  You can design your Blanks USA box with your company’s logo and pictures of other products you want to bring to their attention.  This will have a lasting effect on potential clients.  When it’s time to make their decision; your samples may be just the thing to sway their selection in your favor.

Employee Appreciation

Not sure how to show your employees appreciation for their dedication?  How about a little gift in one of Blanks USA boxes?  You can print pictures of past gatherings, maybe a paragraph or two about how your company was founded.  Employees often are more productive when they feel valued by the company they have been devoted to.

Party or Event

Planning a party or other gathering?  You can hand out gift boxes, printed with pictures of the honoree!  With Blanks USA boxes you can be as creative as your imagination takes you.  Your family & friends will admire the thought and time you put into your celebration.

Are you planning a club meeting?  How about handing out gift boxes for your members?  You can use your creativity to display anything you want printed on the box; pictures or whatever you desire that compliments the occasion.

If your organization isn’t having in-person activities, imagine how your employees and customers would feel getting a personalized box delivered to their door.

Blanks USA Printable Box

Options for Every Need

Playing Card Boxes

Business Card Boxes

Truffle Boxes (Yum!)

Tote Boxes

Tab Boxes

Large Boxes

How Do I Make Them?

Make your project stand-out above all the rest!  With Defy Paper printing your imaginative ideas on a Blanks USA box is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Design your box.
  2. Download our user-friendly templates.
  3. Print: You can print as little or as many as you need.  Cuts down on waste.   When your printed boxes are a success; you can always print more!

Yes, it’s that easy!  Start Shopping Now >>

This new approach makes it easy and affordable for any business to use customized boxes to promote their company and keep events secure.


About Blanks USA:  Blanks USA is a specialty paper manufacturer with a broad range of quality merchandise that can be utilized for your business needs or do-it-yourself ventures.  Their industry leading products have been enjoyed for decades and are designed to be easily printed.

DEFYPaper is proud to offer a large selection of paper products to meet all of your printing needs and make projects like creating wristbands easy and fast. If you have any questions or need help selecting the perfect product for your business or organization’s needs, contact one of our DEFYPaper experts.  Call 1-800-486-3435 or email  Visit us at