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Mohawk Via Envelopes – Product Spotlight

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Mohawk Via Envelopes – Product Spotlight

Mohawk Via EnvelopesMohawk Via envelopes provide the Mohawk class of excellence at a surprisingly reasonable price.  Available in desired textures, vibrant colors and supremely printable shades of white.  Mohawk Via envelopes are for that special project you want to enhance and since the price is so economical, they can be used everyday as well!!

Colors Galore!

Mohawk Via envelopes come in many colors to match your company’s logo, wedding colors, birthday theme or any project you want!!  You can use your imagination and creativity to enhance your reader’s experience with vivid colors and textures galore!!

Mohawk Via EnvelopesMohawk Via EnvelopesMohawk Via Envelopes

Palette of Colors:



Light Blue

Light Grey

Light Green


Shades of White:

 Pure White 

Bright White

Radiant White

Cool White

Warm White


Blue White

Natural Linen

The Texture You Want

Mohawk Via envelopes have several textured options; you will not only have the look you crave but also the texture that will give the reader the feel of superiority over your competitor.  Your marketing material will stand-out like no other.  If you are using for a personal event such as a wedding etc. you can match the color you chose with the feel of luxury with the several finish options Mohawk Via provides.

Finishes include:

Smooth, Felt, Linen, Vellum, Laid, Fiber, Satin and Light Cockle

A Size for Every Occasion

Depending on the occasion you will find several sizes for your convenience:

#10 Business Envelopes, A-2 & A-7 for Invitations and Cards

Mohawk Via envelopes can be utilized on whatever project you may be working on.  Whether it be correspondence to an existing/potential client or a group outing with your church or club.  Mohawk Via also provides elegance for a wedding or any other gathering you are planning.

The matching paper (See the Paper Selection Here) will definitely catch your reader’s eye!  Your recipient will take notice in how much care you put into your enclosed material.   This will enhance the message you want to relay. You can be as creative as you want on your next project using Mohawk Via paper and envelopes.  Let’s get started with Defy Paper!!

Not sure what to choose?  We have have created a selection of our most popular options.  View the selection >

About Mohawk

Mohawk was founded in 1931; the legacy and craftsmanship extends well into today’s valued products.  Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc. manufactures quality products which are sold worldwide. Their spectacular portfolio of paper, envelopes and non-paper products are admired across America as well as internationally.  The Mohawk product line has the ability to make your next project successful, alluring and unforgettable.

About DEFYPaper

DEFYPaper is proud to offer a large selection of paper products to meet all of your printing needs.  Defy makes high-quality printing projects fast and simple. Do you have any questions?  Or perhaps you need help selecting the perfect product for your business or organization.  Maybe you would just like a sample of Neenah Environment.  For this and more, contact one of our DEFYPaper experts.  Call 1-800-486-3435 or email Info@defypaper.comVisit us at