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Titan Coated Papers – Product Spotlight

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Titan Coated Papers – Product Spotlight

Titan coated papers manufactured by Hansol, are a very popular commodity at Defy Paper, and can be ordered in both the dull and gloss versions.  Titan’s double coated formula has excellent quality performance and is consistent on press.  Titan papers are environmentally responsible and manufactured by the ISO guidelines for quality, energy management, and environmental.  The coated papers are FSC certified and the pulp can be traced back to its original source.

Why Titan Coated Paper?

Coating is applied to paper for several different reasons, mainly to add certain qualities to the paper:  durability, surface gloss or dullness, smoothness, or to minimize the absorbency of the ink for better printing quality.  This coating allows the ink to “sit” on top of the sheet, which allows the images to appear crisp.  Where as an uncoated sheet of paper absorbs the ink, so more ink is required.

Titan Paper Options

Titan Coated PaperWhen the finished gloss piece needs to be folded such as in books, use weights 80# and below for cover weights as the gloss finish can crack during the folding process.  For RSVP cards or other items that someone may write on, use a dull coating, as gloss can smudge and is difficult to write on.  You may decide an uncoated paper works best for this purpose. Defy Paper also stocks a wide range of uncoated papers manufactured by several of the leading mills in the paper industry.

Titan manufactures not only coated cover papers but also provides excellent coated text weight papers as well.  These papers, due to the coating, are more durable than an uncoated paper.   It “fills in” the peaks and valleys of uncoated paper to ensure a smoother surface.   Defy paper’s portfolio of different sizes and weights of Titan coated text papers is astonishing.

The Versatility of Titan Coated Papers

There are many applications for coated paper; books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, post cards, leaflets, direct mail and media inserts to name just a few.  Many times, less ink is required as the ink doesn’t absorb into the paper as with uncoated sheets.  This also causes a greater contrast between the printed image and the white space, making the printed image bold and stand out on the page. The printed images appear crisp as opposed to the uncoated paper, fine detail of the image is apparent.  Although the images appear sharp and crisp, text may differ, so if your project has a lot of text included in the design, a non-coated paper may work best.  When you’re ready to order Titan coated papers by Hansol, just visit Defy Paper, and choose the correct weight and size for your project:

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