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NCR Paper – Product Spotlight

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Carbonless Paper

NCR Paper – Product Spotlight

Keeping receipts or other crucial forms organized can be a daunting task.  Documents can easily be mis-placed before a copy can be produced.  DefyPaper has the solution:  NCR; carbonless forms!  You can have duplicates of your important documents readily available.  Since NCR is carbonless; no more blue or black fingerprints and smudges on your essential records, or on your hands.

NCR Paper Options

DefyPaper carries carbonless forms in 20# bond weight, bond paper is very durable.  It is manufactured using mostly rag pulp, which makes the paper extraordinarily resilient.   Carbonless paper is the answer for coordinating and keeping your billing processes organized.  At DefyPaper, single sheets are available in various colors and sizes.  NCR padding adhesive is also available:

Carbonless – Fanapart – Padding Adhesive Quart (

Carbonless – Fanapart – Padding Adhesive Gallon (

NCR Paper Uses

NCR Paper can be designed for many forms (too many to name them all) including, but not limited to:

Invoices, medical reports, expense reports, packing slips, delivery receipts, bill of lading forms, estimate forms, sales order forms, requisition forms, employment applications and contracts.

NCR Paper works great for companies involved in the maintenance industry.  In those industries the personnel don’t normally use electronic forms.  The environment in these industries is full of grease and dirt, which can harm electronic devises.  The area in which they work in, can be rough on electronics, the potential for them to be dropped or fall is quite high.  Carbonless forms work best for those reasons.  If carbonless paper is used, the mechanic/maintenance person can hand out a copy of the work requisition to the customer right-on-site.  Convenient for everyone involved.  Both parties know exactly what work is to be done, also it can be used as an estimate form.  When the work is completed a copy of the invoice can be sent to the customer, along with your business keeping a copy for record purposes.

Many companies like the convenience of carbonless forms.   Carbonless forms work well for companies that have walk-in clientele.  An invoice can be given to the client right there and then, there is no waiting, no data entry or copies that need printed.  Drivers delivering orders will have a receipt so the customer can sign for the order; again, cutting down on discrepancies.

Every Day Uses

NCR exceeds your requirements for instant, multiple copies of crucial documents.  The paper is durable, which makes it great for keeping records.  The print is consistent with excellent toner adhesion for crisp, intense images.  The paper has excellent print runnability, it runs clean and smooth.  Many companies use the carbonless paper so there will be less discrepancies to hassle over, everyone involved has a copy to refer to.  The carbonless pads are available when an electronic devise is inconvenient, forms can be signed right on site!  No waiting, or having to print copies of forms, they are instantly available anytime, anywhere.  The information that is printed on the customized NCR form, can be easily changed and updated as your company’s requirements may change.  With an abundance of selections at Defy Paper to choose from, your important documents will be organized.  DefyPaper also stocks pre-collated NCR in: 2-part, 3-part, 4-part and 5-part; both in straight sequence and reverse sequence options with various color combinations and sizes.  DefyPaper also stocks NCR with a micro-perf.

Because it is carbonless, you won’t be flustered with the mess that the old-fashioned carbon sheets caused.  Visit our web-site, and shop for the NCR that best suits your business: @ Shop Carbonless Paper and More | DefyPaper

About DEFYPaper

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