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Neenah Classic – Product Spotlight

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Neenah Classic Papers

Neenah Classic – Product Spotlight

Neenah Classic PapersThe Neenah Classic line of papers is known for its printing quality.  The 24# Writing version includes a watermark for added security.  A watermark is a slight impression which is embossed during the manufacturing process.  The Classic line of papers offer a wide selection of colors from the practical to eye-pleasing, it also comes in several sizes and weights for your convenience.  Everyone notices color of course, but if you want to add tactile to the mix, the Classic line has several textured options:  Eggshell, Smooth, Stipple, Linen, Columns, Laid, and if you are looking for a durable paper; Classic Cotton is a great selection.   You can have the look and feel you desire!

Made from Recycled Cotton

Cotton paper is manufactured by re-cycling discarded cloth, which makes the paper highly durable, and environmentally friendly.   Often times essential documents are printed on this type of paper due to the paper being long-lasting.    Classic Cotton papers can last for several years without deteriorating.  The wood-based pulp doesn’t compare to the strength or longevity of the cotton-based paper.

Shop Selection of Neenah Classic Cotton Paper and More | Defy Paper

Classic Cotton 25% Cotton Envelopes Envelopes – Shop Classic Cotton 25% Cotton Envelopes Envelopes, Paper and More | Defy Paper

Make an Impression with Stipple

The Stipple textured paper has a pebble-like finish, and is known for its excellent ink hold-out.  It leaves a memorable impression not only because of the awesome color you choose, but also because of the texture, it’s feels memorable too.  Defy Paper carries the Neenah Classic Stipple line in 12×18 sheets / Text and Cover weights in 6 practical colors.

Classic Stipple Paper – Shop Classic Stipple Paper, Envelopes, and More from Top Brands | Defy Paper

Classic Stipple Envelopes Envelopes – Shop Classic Stipple Envelopes Envelopes, Paper and More | Defy Paper

 The Look of Hand-Crafted

Classic Laid papers have the appearance and feel of hand-crafted papers.  A dandy roll; made with thousands of wires, the wires are manipulated by hand into delicate lines in the paper.  Crisp to the touch and the appearance is very distinguished.  The Neenah Classic Laid craftmanship makes it one of the paramount papers when choosing a watermarked design (24# Bond).  At Defy Paper we stock various weights from 24# Bond – 80# Cover, several colors and two sizes to fit your printing specifications.

Classic Laid Paper – Shop Classic Laid Paper, Envelopes, and More from Top Brands | Defy Paper

Classic Laid Envelopes Envelopes – Shop Classic Laid Envelopes Envelopes, Paper and More | Defy Paper

The Elegance of Linen

Classic Linen paper is designed to resemble fine linen fabric.  It adds a taste of elegance to your printed design such as wedding invitations, it also adds a taste of sophistication to certificates, letterhead, resumes and menus.  Many people use it for stationery, for that added taste of superiority.  The linen finish is consistent on both sides of the paper making the print uniform.  Neenah’s standards of excellence make the Classic Linen paper very luxurious, and you can purchase it through Defy Paper.

Classic Linen Paper – Shop Classic Linen Paper, Envelopes, and More from Top Brands | Defy Paper

Classic Linen Envelopes Envelopes – Shop Classic Linen Envelopes Envelopes, Paper and More | Defy Paper

Unmatched Results

Classic Crest papers deliver the total package – unmatched luxury, dependable results and best in class quality.  Excellent formation and uniform surface ensure an incredible print performance that stands the test of time.  The watermark design on the 24# Bond paper for security.

Choose Neenah Classic Papers

The portfolio of the Classic line of papers by Neenah is amazing.  Everyone knows the first thing noticed about any design is its appearance, however another sense that is important in the paper industry is the sense of touch.  The several textured finishes provided by the Classic line of papers accomplishes that!  Defy Paper stocks several textured finishes that will create an everlasting memory. Reliable, remarkable, CLASSIC!  Neenah has always been a source of excellence and reliability, qualities Defy Paper respects.

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