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Domtar Earthchoice – Product Spotlight

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Domtar EarthChoice

Domtar Earthchoice – Product Spotlight

Domtar EarthChoice

Domtar is a leader in producing socially and environmentally responsible papers.  The Domtar Earthchoice line features a vast collection of options for your printing requirements.   The entire line of papers meets the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and is Rainforest Alliance Certified.  Domtar Earthchoice has been developed to run on laser, inkjet printers, and copiers within the manufacturer’s specifications.  The Earthchoice papers and envelopes are very versatile, and can be used in many applications.  You can purchase the many options Earthchoice provides from Defy Paper.  With a palette of soft and bright colors to choose from, your design is sure to be eye-candy for your recipient.

Earthchoice Pastels

Domtar Earthchoice manufactures an ensemble of eye-pleasing pastels for you to select from.  The pastel colors add a sense of sophistication to marketing materials for your company.

EarthchoiceColors tend to stand out as opposed to white paper.  Using the pastel colors will have a memorable effect on your potential consumers as well as your existing ones.  You can promote your business in many ways; business cards, flyers and posters with printed pictures of your merchandise.

The soft pastel colors add a touch of elegance to wedding invitations or any gathering you may be planning.  At Defy Paper you will find a vast array of delightful colors, weights, sizes, finishes, and beautiful matching envelopes.

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Go Bold

If soft pastels or neutral colors aren’t the way you want to go, and you want to add some flare to your project; Domtar Earthchoice Hots are the solution!


With an enormous assortment of bright “HOT” colors, you just can’t go wrong.  Show your creativity; let your print bounce off the pages with the bright background that the Earthchoice Hots line will provide.  The Earthchoice Hots collection will compliment your business’s promotional materials.    The bright modern colors work exceptionally well for personal uses as well; wedding, birthday party, and graduation invitations.  Anywhere you want vibrant colors to add some pizzaz, think Earthchoice Hots and Defy Paper.

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The bold colors of Earthchoice Hots will provide a powerful punch to your printed material and the pastel colors will bring sophistication to your project.  Defy Paper has the solution for your printing requirements.  Domtar Earthchoice is paper with high quality standards as well as environmentally sustainable.   With so many paper options in the Earthchoice line, your project will be eye-pleasing and desired.   The paper is so versatile and very popular too, the range of colors from pastels to bold & beautiful!  You can’t go wrong when choosing paper and envelopes from the Domtar Earthchoice line at Defy Paper.

Additional Earthchoice options

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